Want to be on the front pages of search results the very first day after your site is launched?

Nothing easier. As long as your page has been properly prepared according to Google Speed ​​Insight guidelines and its Quality Score is high, you can achieve high ad rankings for less cost.

Would you like us to handle your website’s Google Ads advertising?

Write or call us, we will be happy to answer any questions.

Does it pay off?

Each marketing activity is profitable as it increases brand awareness and enables you to purchase your products or services from a wider audience.

How do we prepare SEM campaigns?

We carefully prepare each campaign, guaranteeing high click-through rates and ad relevance. We prepare campaigns both in the advertising network, the search network and YouTube.
Each of our campaigns has selected extensions most appropriate to the conducted activity.

I already have a campaign and I would like to check its effectiveness, can I audit the campaign?

Of course. If you already have a campaign, we can successfully show you how to improve it at the cost of the audit.

How much does a SEM audit cost?

Our rate is PLN 600 net for the analysis.

What is checked during an audit?

  • Landing page quality,
  • relevance of ads,
  • Keywords,
  • negative keywords,
  • driving area,
  • adjusting rates (mobile, location, age groups, gender, schedule, extensions),
  • click prices,
  • participation in searches,
  • server reports to isolate and report abuses by the competition,
  • competition analysis to check the integrity of opponents

Certified Google Ads Specialist

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